Auto Dealer Assist - pwered by VACC

VACC Auto Dealer Assist gives dealers unprecedented access to real time market intelligence about car sales trends. Auto Dealer Assist is a specialist on-line research tool that helps you focus your remarketing strategies and raise your competitive edge within the private used vehicle market in Victoria.
Updated monthly, VACC Auto Dealer Assist's access to VicRoads' data, lets new car dealerships and used car traders analyse used vehicle transfer data to find the type of vehicles being bought and sold by postcode in a local area by buyer type.


  • Where strongest demand for your current vehicle stock in Victoria is located. Verify the best opportunities for used vehicle sales by post code and see where most transfers are happening for the used models you have in stock.
  • Whether a vehicle is an LMCT transfer or private transfer
  • The most in demand used car transfers by brand

Analyse used vehicle sales by:

  • Postcode, vehicle make, colour, model and type of buyer/seller to understand which vehicles are moving in your area.
  • The types of used vehicles are being bought and sold, so you can measure your performance and make informed, profitable purchases.

Create dynamic tables, graphs, maps and dashboards to instantly display:

  • Customised graphs of vehicle sales by post code
  • Market distribution - transfers by vehicle brand (%)
  • Transfers by year of manufacture
  • Top 10 postcodes
  • Makes by market share
  • Top 10 colours

Further applications and enhancements for VACC Auto Dealer Assist will be advised.

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